Dr. G.R. Dugas Site Chief of Anesthesia

Linda C

“….If you haven’t yet made the trip to 111 Solingate Drive in October, you are certainly missing Oakville’s finest display of ghosts, goblins, witches and a wealth of Halloween treats. My two children and I attend the home of Mr. Todd Wirtz each Halloween to take in the sights and sounds of his spectacular Halloween show that has made him a virtual celebrity on the street. His generous hand outs of full size chocolate bars to the kids is a huge hit but takes a back seat to the joy and laughter that his efforts bring the children each and every year. I think the reason this home has become such a Halloween success is that Mr. Wirtz himself clearly has made it his passion and mission each October to bring smiles and awe inspiring stares to the children of his neighborhood (and their parents). Everyone in Oakville and the surrounding areas would be well advised to make the drive to South Oakville and Solingate drive this October and share in the experience we have come to look forward to each and every year” – G.D.
Hope the crowds are even larger this year pal.